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Historic Federal Grant Award for GLBTQ Agency
   October 20, 2014

GLBTQ Groups commend Guidance on first federal GLBTQ non-discrimination provision.
   April 24, 2014

Gay Male Domestic Violence Murder-Suicide Reported in Portland, Maine
   December 6, 2013

GLBTQ Celebrates 20th Anniversary with Prestigious Grant Award
   October 29, 2013

Probable Cause Found in Gay Man's Discrimination Suit Against Mainstream Domestic    Violence Program
   October 7, 2013

Report to Governor's Council Highlights High Prevalence of GLBT Domestic Violence and    Significant Barriers to Services for GLBT Survivors
   October 2, 2013

National LGBT Bar Honors GLBTQ-DVP Attorney, Wayne Thomas
   September 6, 2013

Raising Awareness About GLBTQ Sexual Violence for National Sexual Assault Awareness    Month
   April 24, 2013

GLBTQ Domestic Violence Project to Honor Lt. Governor Timothy Murray
   March 3, 2013

GLBT Inclusive Violence Against Women Act Passes in the U.S. House of Representatives
   February 28, 2013

GLBTQ Domestic Violence Project's Winter Plunge
   February 13, 2013

Gay Men's Domestic Violence Project Announces Name Change
   February 7, 2013


• Services Accessibility Report, 2013 (will be released in 2014)

Strategic Plan , 2012

Housing Report, 2005

Domestic Violence Brochure, 2013

Sexual Violence Brochure, 2013

Legal Services Brochure, 2013

Youth Brochure